AMD launches its new Server grade processors!

AMD has finally hammered the final nail in Intel’s coffin after disrupting their consumer grade processor market by the launch of Ryzen 3rd gen Processors. This time AMD has refreshed its server grade CPU lineup by launching “AMD EPYC Rome” series to take on the Intel Xeon’s and by taking a look, its for sure Intel is in trouble.

Detailed Layout of AMD EPYC Processor

Technical Specifications

The Epyc Rome series has various models which have different core counts and clock speeds. The top of the line variant of the EPYC series offers upto 64 cores and 128 threads!

The TDP’s of all the CPU’s range from 120 to 225 watts and all these CPU’s are based on 7nm manufacturing process. Here is a list of all the models in this lineup.

The top of the line Epyc sells for around $6950 which makes is value for money proposition almost double than that of Intel’s latest Xeon’s. Even the performance of these chips is far superior than the latest Xeon’s over the board.

Major companies like Google, Lenovo, Microsoft and Dell have already decided to use these EPYC processors on their cloud systems. Intel is in deep trouble. Let’s see what Intel launches next year to counter it.

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