How to fix error 7 in Yu Yureka in TWRP Recovery.

Yu Yureka at its peak was one of the most popular devices in terms of custom rom support. This is still true as there is a fair amount of ROMs available for the device now too. Yes, the hardware has become outdated and specs are bad in today’s standards. But still you can squeeze out a lot from the device if you know what to do.

While having support for a bunch of custom roms, flashing some roms in the device gives and error 7 in TWRP recovery. After trying a lot of solutions on the internet, I finally came to a solution. This solution was as easy as it gets. So let’s see how it goes.

Note:- I am not responsible if anything goes wrong!


1. Unlocked Bootloader

2. TWRP recovery installed.

3. Fastboot drivers installed properly on the Windows 10 computer.

4. Rooted with Magisk or Super Su.

Step 1: Downloading the files.

Firstly you have to download all the necessary files. One of the files is of the tools which is a one click tool to do the partitioning automatically. Another one is a img file which is flashed so that you don’t get errors while flashing roms.

The link for the first file is:-

The link for the zip file is:-

Step 2: Increasing the partition.

Now after downloading both the zips, extract both the zips andput them in respective folders. But you must know that this process “WILL WIPE YOUR DATA” so make a backup before proceeding.

Open the partition increaser and decreaser folder and navigate inside the folder. Click on the partition file. Click on it and make sure that YOU DO NOT TOUCH THE DEVICE UNTILL THE PROCESS IS SUCCESSFULL ON THE CMD SCREEN. Disconnecting the cable in between the process, you may hard brick you device.

However if after extracting you do not see the Partition Increaser and Default bet files, then the problem might be with the software you are using to extract. If you face the issue, try using 7zip software for extracting the zip.

Step 3: Flashing

Now, since you have increased the partition, now flash persist.img file extracted from another zip. This img file will be flashed through cmd in fastboot mode, so make sure that your computer has all the drivers properly installed. So reboot your phone to fastboot mode by turning on the switched off phone by pressing power and volume up button together.

Copy the persist.img file to the adb and fastboot folder in your c drive of your computer. Now press shift and right click and select “Open command promt here” or “Open Powershell Window here” and type these commands:-

fastboot -i 0x1ebf devices

If typing this command shows the connected device then follow the next step or else install your phone drivers properly. If everything goes streamlined type the command:-

fastboot -i 0x1ebf flash persist persist.img

Now you have successfully increased the partition of your device and can install latest custom roms.

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