How to fix pycharm finding no interpreter on Linux.

If you have just started programming in python and have downloaded and installed python on your computer, you may have come across error while creating a new python project file and that error is no interpreter found. This error can occur even if you have python installed on your computer. So if you are searching solution for this problem, you are on the right blog.

Solution:- Add the python libraries manually.

Select Add here

Now, on oopening the settings after clicking on configure the interpreter you will see an option to select the interpreter, but our problem is that we don’t see any so for that, click on the settings icon on the right side and select “Add” option.

Select New Environment

Now you will see a new window pop up. In Existing Environment, select the icon on the right with three dots like this “…” to browse the interpreters. Now navigate to /usr/bin/python3.7 (depending on the version of python installed) and select ok.

You can change System interpreter here

You can also change the system interpreter by selecting the opion and finding the python version you want in the list and boom the problem is solved

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