How to install Pycharm on Linux/Ubuntu

Pycharm is one of the best and popular IDE for coding in python. It is a very easy to use IDE and is available on many platforms such as Windows, Linux and Mac. Installing Pycharm on Windows and Mac OS is easy but Linux installations are always a bit complicated, aren’t they? So here’s your guide for installing Pycharm IDE on Linux/Ubuntu or any other Linux Distribution.

Step 1: Downloading and extracting the files.

This method will include installing Pycharm from their website. So to download the files just log on to

and download the community version. After installing the compressed archive extract it in the downloads folder.

Step 2: Installing Pycharm.

Now type this command to open downloads folder.

cd Downloads/

If this doesn’t work, type

cd ~/ Downloads

Make sure you are writing correct spelling of downloads in this command. In some PC’s Downloads folder can be named “downloads” or “download”. Make sure you don’t type it wrong.

Now type this command to check all the folders in the downloads folder.


Now open the pycharm folder by typing this command.

cd pycharm-community-2019.2.3/

Note: The community version for the file you have downloaded may have been different, so the best thing is to either rename the folder to your liking. If you do that, type the name of that folder after cd in command above. Or you can just copy the name of the folder by pressing rename button and copying the name.

Now navigate to the bin folder after entering the pycharm folder by this command.

cd bin/

Now, there will be a file in that folder, type the command to start the installation.


Now a window will open. Select do not import settings. Click on next and select themes. Ignore the create launcher script and Install plugin options as you don’t need them.

And now Pycharm has been installed in your Linux/Ubuntu machine and you can start coding now. For configuring python in pycharm, check out our blog on configuring python in pycharm named How to fix pycharm finding no interpreter on Linux.

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