How to start learning python online in 2019-2020.

If you want to learn any programming language the self taught route, then doing it online is the best possible way to do it. Learning online makes sure that what you are learning is up to date with the market and doesn’t let you left behind. Moreover, you will be more aware of the trends that are popular in today’s market and that can streamline your learning approach. So if you are stuck thinking where to start and from where you should learn, here’s the guide.

Getting started online.

The first thing that you have to know, for properly learning python or any other programming language, there must not be only a particular source. You cannot get stuck to just a website that has a free course, that can be too boring. The best way is to choose a website with free course, follow a youtube course online and most importantly, read the documentation. Reading the documentation is very important because that comes directly from the creator and who is better at explaining than the creator.\

Now you may be wondering, where to find the perfect sources for learning, so we might have some picks for you.

For learning python through a website, you can follow tutorial and also and . They have a very detailed description of all the topics and you can easily grasp all the basics and start coding. For reference you can also follow on along with a book. One of the best books is Python development for junkies and Let us Python. You can check which book suits best for you.

Video tutorials

For online tutorial you can find lots of tutorials online you can learn from various courses available on YouTube. There are courses 4-6 hours long which will guide you through the language. You can give a try to courses from Programming with Mosh and on YouTube.

python tutorials on youtube

So here was the full guide for learning python online. Now go and start coding!

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