Jio Calls will not be free anymore!

Jio, the company which has been the forefront in providing masses access to fast internet with their 4G VoLte services has taken a new step to reduce their costs. This time this is related to the free calls that users got with any Jio 4G data plan. As everyone knows, Jio provides free calling service to the customers who opt the monthly plan which includes daily data and certain limit of SMS per day. These plans range from Rs 149/ month to Rs 1699/ year depending on the type of service you want.

Why now?

According to reports, it seems that Jio had been providing free calling on their expense. Calling from Jio to Jio has no cost but calling from Jio to any other network costs Jio 6 paisa/ min. These are IUC charges (Interconnection Usage Charge) that other operators take as a fee of receiving call from rival operator. These charges alone has cost Jio Rs 13500 Crores. So Jio plans to take these charges from the users itself by introducing additional topups that you have to use so that you can make calls from your Jio network to any other network. Although calling from Jio to Jio will be free. But since it is Jio, they will provide data equaling the value of Topup you have used as a compensation.

IUC Top-Up Voucher Amount (Rs) IUC Minutes Free Compensation Data(GB)
RIval Operators

Will this change in future?

TRAI ( Telecom Regulatory Authority of India ) says that these charges will be removed from January 2020 and this means that calling will again be free from January but since these IUC charges are one of the sources of decreasing profits for the rivals, they are adamant to change this. The reason Jio is the sufferer here is because every other operator has some kind of daily or monthly limit on free calls and Jio is the only one which provided true free calling and that too in high quality. Let’s see how this goes in the future.

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