Pixel 4 not coming to India!

Google launched the most advanced Pixel yesterday and everyone is excited to see new technologies in the smartphones. But for Pixel fans in India there is a bad news and this time, it’s pretty bad. The Pixel 4 will not be launching in India and if you were planning to buy it then you might as well need to change that. Here is why it’s not launching in India.

RADAR Sensor

The main and the most unbelievable reason for Pixel 4 series not launching in India is that RADAR sensor. The RADAR sensor used in the Pixel 4 is the first addition to the smartphones. Pixel has used that sensor in a very advanced way to make the face the phone unlock fastest in the smartphone business.

The RADAR sensor detects the presence of the user’s hand by creating a RADAR zone near the phone and when it senses you around the phone it activates the face unlock mechanism and the phone searches for the face before you even press the power button. When the power button is pressed the phone unlocks immediately not even showing lock screen.

But that RADAR sensor is the only reason of Pixel 4 not launching in India. The RADAR sensor in Pixel 4 uses a 60Ghz band which is not allowed to be commercially used in India. Google was denied permission to use that RADAR sensor in India and had and option to launch the phone with deactivating the RADAR sensor, but since Pixel 4 has only face unlocking and no fingerprint scanner, Google decided not to launch it in India as it doesn’t make sense to launch it being disabled as the usability of the device is affected.

So sad news for the Pixel fans who had been waiting to get hands on of Pixel 4 but come on, if you were buying it for camera, just install the latest Gcam mod as even the astrophotography feature is ported now.

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