Paranoid Android, the first ever Poco X2 Custom ROM is here.

Poco X2 is one of the favorites device of people who want a device with great specifications, amazing screen and high value for money factor. Moreover, people who are aware of rooting and are a part of Custom ROMs community believe that the device will have a good aftermarket software support for it. People waiting for Poco X2 custom rom have finally a good news.

poco x2 custom rom boot animation
Bootanimation of Paranoid Android for Poco X2.

When Poco X2 was launched, the company sent the phone to top developers on XDA specializing in different things. Poco wanted to make a community for the device just like the Poco F1 which is indeed still active. Poco sent the device to about 15 developers for development. But still there was no custom ROM for the device even after almost 2 months. But thanks now to arter97 a well known XDA developer, the development has finally started.

So, the first ROM for the Poco X2(phoenixin) is Paranoid Android ROM based on Android 10. Arter97 has made the ROM on his custom kernel and as of now, no custom kernel is supported. The build is an alpha build and you can expect a lot of cases where you see crashing, bootloops and all other problems that come with custom ROM.

What’s working and what’s not?

ROM is pretty stable for a first build and has no major issues. Every basic thing is working just fine for the time being. Wifi, calling, booting and other basic things are working. Thanks to Arter97’s custom kernel.

But there are some things that are not working right now and will be fixed in the future. These things are:

  1. Selinux is permissive and not enforcing.
  2. Safetynet is failing.
  3. Fingerprint only working by tap and not press.
  4. Cutout is not pill shaped but 2 different front cameras.
  5. Performance and battery are not fully optimized yet.
Safety net and punch-hole issue in poco x2 custom rom
Poco X2 custom ROM safety net fail (Paranoid Android)

Now, as a member of the community and owner of the device, I’m personally thankful to Arter97 for creating a custom ROM for the device as the process is not very easy and time consuming. Because of android developers like these, poco x2 custom rom development has taken off now.

So if you want to flash this ROM on your Poco X2 than head on to the XDA thread by CLICKING HERE. But try everything at your own risk and don’t blame me or the devs if something goes wrong!!!

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