Poco X2 January update review, fixed bugs and added new.

Poco India has pushed the first update after the device’s officially on sale in India. This update was sized around 180 MB in size and brought various fixes. This update came in form of MIUI version However, like every android OTA update, it brought some bugs along with it. So here we will see what all we got in the latest update of Poco x2.

Well, there are no visible changes in the latest update of the Poco x2. The changes are rather under the hood improvements that user will not notice. Poco has tried to make the Poco x2 more smoother. They have ironed out some of the UI elements to reduce the number of visible lags. Tried to minimize some app crashes and improved the overall experience of the device.

What bugs did it bring?

While Poco has fixed some of the bugs but they have added a few more. You may not notice the improvements but you definitely will notice the bugs that came with it. These bugs are definitely harming the user experience and Poco India must remove these bugs in order to improve the device. Here are the bugs which came in the recent update.

1. Buggy camera app.

Well some users claim that the camera quality of the phone has reduced in the February 2020 update of the Poco x2. But the issue that I’m facing is about the integration of camera app with the gallery.

It comes with a 64MP IMX 686 primary sensor.

Most of the times when I click a picture and click on the icon to open the gallery from camera app, it just shows the recently clicked one. The app does not show the older picture and deleting the recent picture makes the gallery icon in the camera app grey. It shows that no picture has been taken from the device which is not the case because clearly all the pictures are in the gallery app.

2. App permissions in the Poco x2.

This issue is of the app permissions in the Poco x2. After the recent update most of the apps are striped off the permissions that they were granted. When you open any app it again asks for all permissions that it was granted. And this does not happen once after updating. It happens a lot of time and mostly after restarting the phone which is very annoying.

Poco x2 image here
Apps permission bug in Poco x2

So these were the issues that came with the Feb 2020 update in the device. Let’s hope Poco India fixes these issues and makes the device better in lot of categories.

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