Top Linux Distribution for beginners

Linux is an operating system that every computer geek must try. And there are a lot of reasons to back it up. Stability, reliability and ability to customize it to a next level are some of the things that keep a Linux user stick to Linux. Moreover, being an open source Operating System it opens door for endless possibilities that windows user can only dream of.

Although, the list of the best linux distribution may be different for different users and trying them all is almost impossible, but some distributions are always popular and are definitely worth trying. So if you are thinking of trying Linux as your new operating systems and are confused about what to choose, this article will help you decide the one. Here are Top Linux Distributions for beginners.


POP! OS is one of the top linux distributions out there. It is based on Ubuntu. POP! OS is known for its stability and performance. It is one of the most visually appealing operating systems in the linux family. Everything, from interface colors to animations look attractive and properly thought out. POP! OS is developed by a company called System76 and is managed by them. POP! OS is one of the very few Linux Distro’s that is compatible for gaming and it even provides a choice to install it with NVIDIA Graphics drivers for CUDA acceleration in applications.

POP! OS Desktop

POP! OS is also well known for its privacy policies. They strictly abandon sending stats to Ubuntu servers and System76 team believes that user data only belongs to users. It also provides Hard Disk encryption. The installer is also very user friendly and overall the OS is very minimal. It may not be as popular as other distributions but it is one of the best linux distributions out there.


Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution and it is for the right reasons. Ubuntu is one of the oldest linux distributions available till date. It is developed and managed by a UK based company called Canonical. It is based on Gnome Desktop environment and supports variety of hardware. Ubuntu has been the first choice of many Linux new commers and still remains the base of few other Linux Distributions. It is among the top linux distributions available in the market and rightfully so.

Ubuntu desktop

Ubuntu is a Debian based OS and is well known for its reliability, usability and most importantly, largest community among any distribution. This makes troubleshooting very easy in Ubuntu. There are very popular forums specifically for ubuntu troubleshooting. This assures that 90% of the times you will get solution for your Ubuntu based system problems which makes is one of the best linux distributions. Installation is as easy as it gets and the OS is smooth and user friendly. It is also used in many servers due to these reasons.

Linux Mint

If you are coming straight from a Windows computer and have no idea whatsoever about any Linux distribution, then Linux Mint is the distribution that will make you feel like home. The user interface it provides is quite similar to windows like an application drawer, start menu etc. Linux mint is one of those top linux distributions that provide the user a very lightweight interface with minimal desktop and a Cinnamon desktop environment based feel.

Linux Mint Desktop

Also Linux Mint is one of the most stable distribution making it one of the best linux distributions among the sea of many. Linux mint is specifically designed to run on low end hardware and runs very smoothly on almost all kind of them. It provides features like better management of background applications, better file indexing and timely updates. The installation is simple too.

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