Upcoming Google Pixel 4 Features to look out for!

Google is all set to refresh its Pixel lineup this year with a bang. This time its not gonna be a boring incremental upgrade. This time google is set to bring a hell lot of new features to its 2019 flagship. This article will make you go through all the features that Google will offer this autumn.

Finally rear cameras!!!

According to the latest leaks google will finally bring more than one rear cameras to its pixel lineup. According to various leaks and various trustworthy sources, Google has finally decided to go with dual cameras this time. They have finally understood that multiple apertures are the thing that the market wants. That combined with Google’s ultimate image processing can be a dream come true for mobile photographers.

Who would have thought 10 years prior that mobile photography will reach to this level. Its not absolutely clear what focal lengths will it bring, but I think there will be a wide angle and a normal lens combined with a time of flight sensor for all those Augmented Reality stuff that Google’s been working on. Its unclear by now what sensor the’ll use but who cares! Its gonna be the best smartphone camera anyway!

Project Soli!

Google’s been working on making you use your devices without touching them by some gestures that will perform functions as set.

Project Soli will be coming to this pixel lineup and users will be able to perform various functions like changing volume, calling assistant and other functions without even touching it.

Take my word, it’ll definitely be better than LG’s approach on its G8 ThinQ. So be excited for that too.

Face ID and maybe no fingerprint scanner

This one makes me a little sad as a Google fan. Google may follow Apple’s footsteps once again. First ditching the headphone jack and now ditching fingerprint sensor for a better Face Recognition options. I think giving users an option is a good thing but deciding what is best for consumer should be upto consumers, not manufacturers.

Google pixel 4 will have a secure facial recognition setup like Apple but it’ll also include those Project Soli sensors.

Other Improvements

Other improvements will be the new version of android that is Android Q. It’ll house the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. Pixel 4 is also supposed to have 6Gb of RAM this time because previous versions of pixel have suffocated in smoothness and responsiveness due to less RAM and a bit un-optimized Interface. Previous Pixel’s haven’t aged very well!

Also there will be no notch this time but a huge top chin housing all the sensors. Yes it’ll look ugly especially in 2019, but we know Google cares about functionality more than looks. So that sums up all the rumors about Pixel 4 lineup. It is supposed to launch on 2 October or in first week of October. Let’s see what we get this time from Google.

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