Most important Linux commands for beginners.

If you have just started using linux, then you must know one thing that linux is all about commands. Almost all the actions in linux are done by using commands and knowing them is important. So here are 10 linux commands that will help you get through some of the daily tasks.

1: apt-get update

This command is used for updating the linux software from the source server. This command will download the latest software from the server.

2: apt-get upgrade

This command is used to install the downloaded and updated software into the system.

3: ls

This command is used to list all the files in a specific folder. All the files will be shown in the terminal.

4: sudo

Any command that requires root or superuser permission (same as run as administrator option in windows) requires sudo to be written before those commands.

5: find

If you have a file in your system and forgot where have you kept that, you can use find command to that file.

You must tell find where to start searching from and what it is looking for. In this example, the . matches the current folder and the -name option tells “find” to look for files with a name that matches the search pattern.

You can use wildcards, where * represents any sequence of characters and “?” represents any single character. We’re using *ones* to match any file name containing the sequence “ones” This would match words like bones, stones, and lonesome.

For this situation you will use find command like this: find . -name *ones*

6: sudo -i

This command is used when you do not want to type sudo again and again. typing this command will make sure that every command typed after this runs with root permission by default.

7: sudo nautilus

Linux does not allow to make changes into the restricted directory by default. If you want to make changes to some directory and the system is not allowing you to do so, you can type this command and this will open a new file explorer window which will allow changes to locked folders.

8: passwd

This command is used to change the user password.

9: shutdown

This command is used to shutdown the computer in one minute. And if you want to shutdown computer immediately you can use the command “shutdown now”.

10: free -h

This command will tell you the status of memory in the system. It will show the free space and the used space. You can use it to monitor how much RAM is being used by the system and how much swap is used.

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