Why Silicon Valley is just the perfect show for programmers?

If you are in programming and want to see something from your own field then Silicon Valley on HBO might be a treat for you. It is not a very serious show about hacking, instead it is an light hearted show describing the struggles of a programmer in Silicon Valley. Here are the reasons for why you must watch it.


The Show does not have very deep plot. Instead it is story about a programmer named Richard Hendricks who works in a company called Hooli. He hates his job and is a nerd, but he is a very good programmer and somehow develops a compression algorithm that just changes his life. Yes, the story may not sound very interesting but the way it is presented is hilarious.

The show has a very different take on life of programmers and they have shown absolute reality. Even Bill Gates has openly recommended to watch the show for aspiring programmers who want to work in silicon valley someday. There are perfect turns and plot twists in the story that keep you stick with the show and the story is very original.

Characters and Comic timing

This show has one of the hilarious characters that have appeared. Each and every character has its own aura and the comic timing which makes it a must watch not only for programmers but for everyone who is interested in watching a series. It has one of the best jokes and best comedy routines. The constant fight between Dinesh and Gillfoyle over who’s the better one. The savageness of Gillfoyle, the nerdy Richard, over the top Erich Bachman, big head etc. Each and every character gives a unique feel to the show.

Moreover, the show also shows some of the newest technologies and how they can affect people in a very hilarious way. Jared getting stuck in a self driving car, an AI robot causing a lot of trouble. Everything in the show looks original and does not look dramatized, it just looks natural and that’s why its viewers get attached to the show, because the show just looks natural and viewer just connects with everyone on the screen. So if you are a programmer, you must watch it not because it is a show related to technology, but it is a perfect blend of characters, storytelling in relation with their work that is programming

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