Why you should learn python.

Python is a great programming language to learn in 2020. It covers up all the bad aspects and complaints that programmers had with other programming languages. One of the best feature of python is that it decreases the line of code. Therefore you have to write less code and programming becomes fun. Now you have to focus on the logical part of the program more than struggling with syntax errors. These features make the language easy to understand. That is why Python is used in many fields. Here are some of the fields where python is very popular.

Web Development

Python has been very popular in Web Development from a very long time now. Django is one of the frameworks of python that has been very popular among web developers. And there are reasons to back it up. It solves many of the problems that web developers previously faced. Django offers high security than its counterparts and is a highly scalable framework. It is written by very experienced developers and that is why many MNC’s have adopted it in their web based applications. Instagram is one of those.

Data Sciences

Due to being a simple language to learn, python is one of the favourite languages for Data Scientists. Python being less heavy on syntax and more heavy on the logic of the programmer is perfect choice. Since python is a very reliable language too, it is loved for Data Sciences.

Machine Learning/A.I.

Experts say that python is the first choice for the programmers working in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Since python is a very simple language, it makes coding easy. Also python has a great access for libraries and frameworks which make coding very easy. Moreover, consistency of the language also makes it topmost in priority.

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